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Feb 12, 2010

Take Care Of Green Lawn

Green Lawn caution is not a challenging job. You must take caution of a small amount of things. Green is the foremost color of the lawn. You engage in to keep the color intact. For jade lawn caution you engage in to keep to firm methods and philosophy.

Mowing will keep the lawn jade all the way through the day. When you scythe the lawn on the crucial height, it grows with better wellbeing and remains jade. Proper mowing helps the grass roots to be converted into strong. Muscular roots in rotation helps in proper growth of the grasses and makes them jade.

Feb 3, 2010

Get paid to recycle! 15 green tips for the lazy

Short on time? No more excuses. Here are easy ways to live a greener life
As I work toward living a greener life, I’ve discovered that I not only possess a talent for organizing my family’s recycling — blue bin, black bin, silver bin, glass, plastic, paper — but I’ve also uncovered a flair for excuses. I’ve become highly adept at creating reasons why I can’t make a wiser green choice. Sometimes it’s convenience. Sometimes it’s time. Often it’s money.

In tough economic times it’s been easier than ever to use financial constraints as an excuse for ignoring environmental concerns. But those days are gone — thanks in large part to Josh Dorfman. The spokesman for lazy environmentalists everywhere, Dorfman has come up with simple ways to make choices that are easy on the environment and your wallet. He’s compiled those tips into his second book, “The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget,” and in honor of Earth Day, has shared a list of his favorite ways to go green without breaking the bank. No more excuses.

1. Use a remote-control power strip.
The Belkin Conserve is an eight-outlet power strip that comes with a remote control device to help you easily turn off electronics — and completely kill the power (no vampire power drain) — without having to bend over or reach behind your desk to unplug them from the wall. Save energy, save money, save your back.

2. Use natural cleaning products.

Safe cleaning products don’t have to be a luxury. Green Works natural cleaning products are made of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients like corn, coconut and lemon (which leave no harsh chemical fumes or residue) and are affordable and accessible — you can find them at supermarkets, drugstores and mass-market retailers.

3. Get your magazines digitally. offers digital versions of more than 500 magazine titles like BusinessWeek, Cosmopolitan, Car & Driver, Men’s Health, Dwell, Outside and Yoga Journal. Download the Zinio Reader and read the magazines on your personal computer or access your subscriptions online from any computer at Owners of iPhones can even access entire magazines through their phones. And in the spirit of budget consciousness, Zinio is offering a free one-year trial subscription to a wide selection of magazines so people can try the service.